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So what is a Cool City? These are cities that have made a commitment to stopping global warming by signing the U.S. Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement. Begun in 2005, the Cool Cities campaign empowers city residents and local leaders to join and encourage their cities to implement smart energy solutions to save money and build a cleaner, safer future.

A power generating windmillGlobal warming requires solutions at every level. Cool Cities not only brings real solutions at local levels it also showcases solutions for others to model and builds leadership to ensure solutions are implemented at state levels and nation-wide. Hybrid cars, energy efficient buildings, and renewable energy are just a few of the many ways to make this real.

Evanston, IL passed a resolution for 20% renewable energy - 5.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity - enough to power more than 500 U.S. homes annually by adding wind farms to their electrical grid. Warwick, RI has replaced all 113 traffic lights and 59 crosswalk signals with LED lights resulting in a 1200 ton reduction in carbon emissions. The city estimates that it will recoup its costs in about two years and save tens of thousands of dollars every year after that.

You can make this real in your city too! Volunteers across the country are joining and leading teams, guided by our detailed toolkit and resources and have the support of their peers across the country as well as an expert team. Our campaign offers you the tools you need to make a difference in your community. Join us now!

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Counties are stepping up to stop global warming.

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The Blue-Green Alliance, the partnership of the Sierra Club and the United Steelworkers, has commissioned a series of new reports highlighting the economic opportunities that could come from a serious investment in renewable energy.

Job creation potential of renewable energy

Alameda County wants California to be the first 100% Cool County State.

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Taking city planning to the next level - A new California bill aims to have city planning incorporate land use and regional planning strategies that reduce global warming.

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What are other cities doing and how do they get it done? Find out here on the www.seattle.gov website.

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Students across the country are changing their campuses- and the country.

Student Sierra Club- The Climate Campaign