Winston-Salem, NC

Mayor: J. Allen Joines

Date of Adoption:

Primary Contact:
Dave Pritchard
Elyse Jung

Why My City is Cool

The City Council voted unanimously to support the U.S. Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement. Our problems are typical of the Southeastern US: poor air quality, sprawl development, traffic congestion, and high energy use.

Green Vehicles Campaigns:
Winston-Salem has adopted a vehicle purchase policy which emphasises fuel economy and low pollution. The City has also decided to purchase a few hybrid vehicles for test use in the city fleet.

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Milestones Completed (about)

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Milestone 1: Establish Campaign
Milestone 2: Engage The Community
Milestone 3: City Signs Agreement COMPLETE
  • Municipality makes formal commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (US: Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement or Cool Counties Agreement. Canada: Canadian Partners for Climate Protection)
Milestone 4: Initial Solution Steps
Milestone 5: Advanced Smart Energy Solutions
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