Arlington Heights, IL

Mayor: Arlene Mulder

Date of Adoption:

Primary Contact:
Amy Kitzmiller

Why My City is Cool

Arlington Heights is a diverse and active community proud to be such a great place to live. Located 20 miles northwest of Chicago and 45 miles south of Wisconsin, Arlington Heights is a family community, is home of the Arlington Racetrack, has a thriving nightlife and is an acclaimed suburban cultural center.

Arlington Heights has established an Environment Control Commission and has begun many environmental projects that are beginning to be uncovered by the community.

The Arlington Heights Cool Cities volunteer group has quickly gained momentum and needs to continue to build support to prove to the Village how important reducing carbon emissions is to the residents and business owners.

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Milestones Completed (about)

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Milestone 1: Establish Campaign COMPLETE
  • Convene a Cool Cities campaign team of 3-7 activist volunteers
Milestone 2: Engage The Community IN PROGRESS
  • Create a Campaign Plan
  • Give a Cool Cities presentation to at least three local community groups
  • Send a formal letter to Mayor, co-signed by 2+ partner community groups requesting the mayor to sign
Milestone 3: City Signs Agreement IN PROGRESS
  • Meet with mayor along with 1 to 3 community groups to discuss becoming a Cool City
Milestone 4: Initial Solution Steps
Milestone 5: Advanced Smart Energy Solutions
News & Announcements

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